9 October

- 9:30 - 12:30

Beyond the elephant: how boundary objects helps us see the full picture

There is an 3000 years old story that tells a group of blind men who approach an elephant for the first time. Long story short: it teaches us how looking at things from your own perspective might give you back the wrong picture.

This is what happens when we work in silos: we describe the elephant according to our own perspective.

This is a huge problem, especially when dealing with complex projects that need to balance different expertise like the famous trio Feasibility (Technology), Viability (Business) and Desirability (Design). 

In this workshop, starting from a concrete project, we will map it out in its different layers and we will rebuild it, enhancing the relation between its parts so that they will contribute to the success of the end result.

This approach radically changes the classic relationship between stakeholders, allowing everyone involved to bring to the table their point of view at the same time, visualizing immediately the impacts that certain choices have on other levels. 

After 3000 years we will unravel the Elephant.

Adriano Guarnieri
Design Strategy Chapter Leader

He is a Business Designer with a strong background in User Experience. With this dual perspective, he bridges the gap between organizational objectives and user needs, creating seamless and impactful experiences.
He has worked with startups and enterprise companies, fulfilling a wide range of roles. These experiences, combined with his passion for mapping, have led him to utilize mapping as a common language across diverse areas. He believes in a hands-on approach to problem-solving and understands the power of visualizing information as the most effective way to comprehend complex concepts.

Marco Dell'Orto
Chief Innovation Officer

Marco is a dedicated entrepreneur and experienced IT specialist who is passionate about driving innovation. With a background in full stack development, he has cultivated his skills in backend technologies and cloud architecture. Marco takes great delight in leveraging technology to create efficient and impactful solutions. With a deep appreciation for the convenience that technology brings to daily life, he constantly seeks opportunities to integrate cutting-edge advancements into his work. Outside of the IT world, Marco finds joy in exploring the mechanics and design of cars and motorcycles while also staying active in the gym and staying abreast of the latest industry trends.
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