10 October

- 10:00 - 10:30

Hello Accessibility, my old friend.

A few years ago, I uncovered the name of one of my profound fears: scotomaphobia, the fear of blindness. Naming and acknowledging our fears empowers us to confront and overcome them. So, I often found myself pondering the question: “What would my life be like if I were to lose my sight?”
As I delved into this question, I stumbled upon the concept of web accessibility. This realization has become an integral part of my work and my journey, and I believe that by sharing this knowledge, we can collectively strive for a more inclusive and improved web platform that benefits everyone.

Davide Di Pumpo
Design Technologist

Davide designs and develops digital products, specializing in a diverse range of projects. Throughout his career, he has gained valuable experience, collaborating with renowned publishing houses, dynamic Fintech companies, and large-scale e-commerce platforms. One of his passions lies in creating accessible and efficient design systems. he aims to minimize the tedium of repetitive manual tasks, injecting creativity into every aspect of his work.

He comes from a family of teachers and could not wholly escape this legacy, so he has also taught in postgraduate schools. And if you want some info off the work sphere: he likes comics, manga and every sort of graphic novel and as a real geek also videogames! He is also the father of one wonderful girl.

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